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April 28, 2021

As an English teacher, I could not let this pass without comment and share a teachable moment.  A challenger keeps using the phrase “most unique” to promote his candidacy.  Unique means one of a kind and is an absolute. The use of the comparative or superlative is unnecessary  and incorrect.  We are all unique because of the influence of our experiences.


My Uniqueness 
•    I am poised to continue my role as a Christina Board of Education member because of many unique experiences. My teaching career began in Ohio where I was an active teacher member of PTA and president of my local union, eventually taking on a leadership role at the state level and being invited to the national office of the American Federation of Teachers to work on a Federally funded project to connect research to classroom teachers. Working with researchers and teachers in Washington DC, San Francisco and New York City, the program received the first Research into Practice award from the American Educational Research Association and is now institutionalized in over 200 districts across the country and overseas in Department of Defense schools. 
•    I lived almost 8 years in the Netherlands because my spouse, who had been a world language teacher, worked for an international trade secretariat.  During that time we hosted teachers and support personnel from over 65 countries, broadening my appreciation for different cultures, races, and ethnic backgrounds. I also trained teachers in Spain in the AFT program, volunteered to teach English to 5th graders in a local elementary school, and was an active parent in my own daughter’s Dutch school.
•    During my time in Ohio I also developed and piloted a gifted and talented program in my 7-9 school which expanded to the two other middle schools when I became the district coordinator of gifted education for those grade levels.
•    I have taught students at all grade levels 7-12 and worked closely with their parents and families to meet students’ needs and provide successful learning opportunities leading to graduation, and either post-secondary studies, or careers. Through teaching theatre, I was able to offer students confidence building opportunities and the experience of creating and being part of something bigger than themselves, the appreciation of an art form, and a career choice. Staying in the classroom was a conscious decision I have never regretted.  Besides experiencing the joys (and challenges) of teaching and learning, staying in the classroom afforded me the opportunity to continue engaging with teacher colleagues to “share our recipes” for best practices and expand my own learning.  Since retirement, I have continued to work with students and youth through my other organizational activities.
•    While I currently serve on the Board, I also served briefly in the mid-‘90s.


Taking these unique experiences together, you will find no one better qualified to continue standing up for students, their families, and the communities we serve on the Christina School District Board of Education.  VOTE MITCHELL MAY 11th!

April 14, 2021

Wonderful (and joyful) presentations from staff at last night’s board meeting:

•2021 NHS, CHS & GHS seniors are getting proms* and graduations** (following protocols and extra precautions, of course).

•Many options are or will be in place to counter “learning loss” and provide extra support to students.

•Parents/families and students will eventually be able to view all course curriculum maps and syllabi online.

•We approved the 2021-2022 calendar with a student start date after Labor Day.

•SPA (Sarah Pyle Academy) will be expanding with a second location in Newark.

•Strategic planning board work stars tomorrow, 4/15. Greenway Strategy Group shared a very comprehensive and exciting overview of the scope of work.

*Prom attendees will be able to get tested at Kirk prior to the event.

**All 3 graduations will take place at the GHS stadium which will be transformed to reflect each of the schools with iconic colors, banners, etc. Families, please note: due to occupancy/social distancing, each grad will get four (4) tickets to their respective ceremony.




For many years my improv students at Newark High "did well and did good" by donating all proceeds from each of four shows a year to charities at home and around the country. Our students are awesome and deserve our best. 2013

A community of "Samaritans" contributed through Go Fund Me to fund a bus to the March for Our Lives in DC.  I was able to pull together Newark and Wilmington students from 8 high schools around New Castle County and allow their voices be heard.


Bethel AME.jpg

Honored to help feed the community with Warren Howell & Rev Shanika Perry at Bethel AME, Easter Sunday, 2021