A Letter to All Residents of the Christina School District:

The last year has been unprecedented in terms of challenges for our children, our families, our schools, and those who staff and support them.  It makes no difference whether you have children in our schools or not, the pandemic has underscored the inequities in education across the country.  Keep in mind that our administrators, teachers, and all support staff, with no initial additional resources, regrouped quickly and did what they are trained to do: deliver educational, emotional and nutritional support to our kids.  In Christina implementing a new delivery of educational services while keeping everyone as safe as possible was also impacted by changes on the Board and a new superintendent.  I believe that impact has been a positive one!

However, a mammoth task lies ahead as well. Pre-pandemic achievement gaps have been, in some cases, exacerbated during this time. The isolation and economic uncertainty we have all experienced at one time or another has taken an emotional and financial toll on some of our most vulnerable children and families. My recent work in the community has shown me the level of food and housing insecurity many of our neighbors in both Wilmington and Newark have never before experienced. 

It appears to me that for the first time in a long time we have a Board and administration working together.  It's a challenge, but one we have all accepted regardless of length of service. We must continue the work. We will continue the work to make Christina all it can be. Give this new "team" the opportunity to keep moving Christina forward.

VOTE MAY 11, 2021



Kids!! Always kids! It’s all about the kids!

Equitable, ethical, and educationally sound governance of the Christina School District

Complete equity in education for all students

                 Early Childhood through Grade12

Creative solutions to close achievement gaps

Maintaining safe schools and safe spaces

Transparent fiscal management & accountability

A strong visual and performing arts program

Greater outreach to families, and the larger community we serve, to celebrate our successes

(and there are many)

Working collaboratively with employee organizations on shared goals

Strategic planning that also works toward 

the above goals